Parents try to introduce math to their children prior to entering school. This is a very good thing, as math is not really easy to learn for them in their beginning learning years, and as we know math is really very important for their school, college and university life. Many toys are available in the market which helps to improve their math skills. Following are some ideas through which you can enhance your children math’s learning.


As we all know blocks are toys which have been available throughout centuries for our children to help improve their math in an entertaining manner. By playing with blocks your children can learn many tactics about math e.g. adding and subtracting. This toy will build the foundation of math for your child. Because during this age whatever a child learns is unforgettable. So it is a really great suggestion for all parents to give blocks to their kid as an introductory toy which is not only a toy for them the build things with but actually it is a great way for them to start learning some math skills.


Most of the parents use math flash cards with their children and this is still very famous in these modern ages due to its affective results. These flash cards help your children learn the basics of math and make a great toy addiction to your kid’s toy box. Playing with these flash cards helps deepen their math understanding and knowledge. Flashcards exercise the mental process of active recall: given a prompt (the question), when kid produces the answer.  By playing with these cards your kid can build up their math skills so well that they can answers math questions really quickly.


All parents should teach their children and as their first teacher no one can be the better teacher than parents as they know the weaknesses and strengths of the child. It is a bitter fact that you have to spend a lot of precious time helping your child learn. Teaching children at home can be as simple as buying flash cards and blocks, which get children starting to count, add and subtract.  This sacrifice of time will help your plant (kid) to become a strong tree (learner).


You can also teach your kid math through your daily activities.  For example when you are climbing stairs count them one by one. So your kid will do the same thing as small kids are really cute and often do whatever they see their parents doing.  There are many more examples available in your daily routine.  When you are paying bills, counting cash, purchasing grocery from grocery store have them play a role in these types of daily routine activities.  One great way to have your child participate in these activities is when they ask you for something at the store; ask them to add the purchases you are making to get a total.  For the older child ask them do times the total and try to figure out the taxes. You will see that how much more interested they will be in these activities and in conclusion their overall math knowledge will be much more improved.

Math surrounds us and is in almost every task you do and perform in your daily activities, so by involving your kid in these activities can help grow them their understanding of mathematics.


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