Tossup Twist and Tumble Dice Game is an addictive dice game which is full of suspense. Toss the one-of-a-kind dice into the innovative Twist and Tumble Dice Cup, twist and watch the dice tumble out. You need root for greens, because they mean go. But be careful, reds can reduce your points. So this game takes a little luck, little strategy and whole lot of dice tossing.

After the success of collectible card games, a number of collectible dice games have been published. And among these dice games this one is having high rating and feedback from players.

This game is designed for your children ranging 4 and up it is very easy for each player to play and understand and enough for all. It helps teach your children when to take a risk, will that risk be worth it? It can be as quick or as long as you need it to be depending on how many rounds/points you want to play up to. Toss the dice and try not to stop. Score 100 points and you win, but don’t let the red dice stop your roll. Easy to carry, self-storing, keep it in your purse or pack, fun to play anywhere everywhere.

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