Every year there are numerous new toys introduced to the market. People become overwhelmed with the large amount of toys and struggle to decide which one will be the best for their child. Now, with the top toy awards the decision doesn’t have to be as difficult. The toys are rated each year and only the top ones are given this award. A few of the top toys chosen to be last year’s recipients are described below to help guide you in choosing the next toy for your child.

Crayola Color Wonder Light Brush

This toy allows your child to be able to create amazing pieces of artwork without having to worry about any of the mess. The colors appear on the light brush like magic, without having to worry about any spilled paints and stains. The brush only works on the special paper, so you don’t have to worry about staining any walls or carpets with this new technology. Let your children’s imaginations run wild with the new Crayola Color Wonder Light Brush. Designed for children ages 5 and above it is perfect for girls and boys alike. This toy is a winning solution for both kids and their parents.

FurReal Friends Biscuit

If you don’t want to have a real dog because of all the mess and hard work, you can give your kids the next best thing with Biscuit. This puppy is designed to look just like the real thing, as well as respond to commands like sit, speak and lie down. Biscuit has nine different sensors on his body to allow him to respond to your touch just like a real dog would. If you touch him on his forehead, he may flinch or blink. On the other hand, if you run your hand in front of his face, then he will sneeze. He is perfect for children aged 5 to 8 years of age and would work for either a boy or a girl. Your kids can have the pet they want without any of the mess.

Elmo Live

Elmo comes to life with this new Elmo toy. It is as if he is a real live muppet thanks to the features that Elmo has. He can do a variety of different movements such as: move his head back and forth, sit or stand, tell jokes and stories while sitting with his legs crossed, wave his arms around, plays games with you and tells you stories. Elmo is perfect for children over 18 months of age, regardless of if it is a boy or girl. It is simple to activate Elmo with just a touch, or a squeeze, of the tummy, foot, nose or back. Everyone will get a kick out of watching everything that Elmo Live can do.

When you choose to buy one of the top toys of the year you know that you are going to get something that your child will love. The toys have been chosen to receive the top toy awards by parents around the world just like you. People offer their advice on what they think the top toys are for children, so you don’t have to worry about the guesswork.

The top toy awards were designed to help parents choose what toys are the best on the market. Instead of looking through thousands of toys you can look through just a few and make an educated decision without being stressed. Every year the top toy awards feature new and improved toys, so the results are constantly changing. Keep your eye on the new toys of the year and you are sure to get your child what they want.