Shopping for kids at Christmas is as easy as buying the hottest new toy – or is it? We actually have 10 tips for you that you might not have considered when it comes to getting everything right for your kids this Christmas…


Whatever you are buying for your Christmas shopping everyone should start shopping as soon as possible.

Especially when it comes to toys, some toys get so popular that they can’t be found during the Christmas shopping season. And after a tough search you may find them you will see that third party sellers have boosted the price as they are aware that desperate parents will pay anything to make their child Christmas wish come true.

No parent wants their child to be unhappy so we should start our shopping as soon as possible so that you can get our child’s Christmas wishes fulfilled.

There is one greater thing which is a clear benefit of your timely shopping decision which is that the gifts will be delivered in time. If you will wait for the last moment than it means you will pay higher for your toys and possible high shipping charges. Timely shopping provides you some bargain hunting time and timely delivery of the products.

2)    Use Holiday Hot Toy Lists for Inspiration

Most times we don’t have to look very far to figure out what our children want for Christmas. Either they tell us over and over or they bring us that Big Toy Book with item after item circled.  Sometimes kids give us subtle hints as to what they want either because they aren’t sure that is the thing they want or they aren’t sure we are up to buying that particular toy.

This year take the guess work out of the shopping by using Hot Toy List from a variety of sources to find those toys your kids tell you they want either subtly or in your face style.

These Hot Toy list are just predictions of what retailers either hope kids will want, or in some cases, such as Wal-Mart, have kid tested and approved toys for the upcoming holiday season. These toys will be things that kids have already been subjected to through advertisement, or their friends may have the toy already, or they find it in a toy story or online.

The price ranges on these lists can vary greatly, but you should be able to find something in your price range. The top toy shopping tips will also help you in saving some money on the upcoming buying season.

Make sure you compare lists. Below are links to lists that will get you or your child thinking about what Santa will be bringing to him or her this Christmas.


Safety is the most important issue when you are doing shopping online. Following are some

  • Always reconfirm the retail price before purchasing anything from third party seller
  • There is a chance of paying higher prices when you toys are not in stock, sometimes markup is too high.
  • Before buying anything from third party seller always consider safe place to buy like Amazon and EBay.
  • Always remember to buy your toys from trusted merchants.
  • Check feedback of that particular retailer before you buy anything from there.
  • Do not forget to check website security because you must be entering confidential financial information if you are buying anything online. One of the most beginning tip is to check that URL starts from https:// only.
  • You should also check the feedback on the toy you are purchasing. Because sometimes feedback can be what you use to determine whether to purchase this toy or not.


If you care about saving money, then always switch your stores never just stick to one store. If you alter your buying destinations then you will be aware of the price fluctuation on different toys.

It is a really good opportunity for you to check number of sites as there are many available over the internet so you can get the best price after searching some sites. You can find best place to buy from.

Shipping cost is also a really big factor when you are searching over the internet as some stores are providing free shipping and others are not. So always consider to go for the lower price if you need to pay for shipping.


Once you have found the perfect toy for your child. It’s a wonderful experience when you ee smiles and happiness on your child face after opening the gift. That’s why you should be conscious that packing of the gift does not spoil your surprise. And some big toys are shipped in their original packing. This will totally spoil your child’s joy of a Christmas surprise gift.

Many online retailers mail in an outter box so that the user will not have an idea of what is inside the packing. But if you are are concerned about the packing than instruct your retailer about gift wrapping the package.

There is one more option available which is that pay a little higher to your retailer to wrap the toy before delivery. This is the best choice for parents who are really conscious about their surprise gift. Retailer will wrap the gift in the way you like as per your instructions.


Always try if possible to order from the places who offer free deliveries. Delivery can be very high if you ignore it. So this is one of the ways, which can save your money.  Some retailers will even offer free returns it means you need not to pay the postage costs yourself if you find you need to return the gift.


It is a best idea to purchase toys early when you know that they are in stock. Following are the guide for the best sales in the run up to Christmas day.

Halloween – Early November: It is the best time for shop if you are organized. The retailers also prepare themselves for Christmas and most will offer sales for those who like to take advantage of buying early. So you should always keep your eyes and ears open to check whether any sale are going on or around the corner.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Some of the biggest shopping days before Christmas come right after Thanksgiving. Black Friday deal abound, but be aware that many stores have limits of what will be found in those hot toys.  Now many retailers have started selling on “Cyber Monday”. Take Amazon, for example, first it has amazing discounts on number or products available for particular period of time. You have to be online throughout the day to get this smashing discount deals.

The Last Days Before Christmas: In these years retailers have started their post-Christmas sales and many got the chance to get some real discount in closing 2-3 days before Christmas. And many offer last minute shipping so the gift can often arrive on Christmas Eve.


After receiving your gift package ensure that it is not damage from inside as no one wants a damage toy. To avoid this t first open these gifts by yourself to check that everything is in proper condition, safe and sound inside the packing.

It means you should check all the parts and accessories of the toy that they are present inside. And assemble all the parts of toy for yourself first before the Christmas day and check all the parts of toy are working properly. And if it’s an electronic toy check with the battery also that it is in the proper working condition. It’s just a few minute which will prevent you from spoiling your Christmas surprise and you will be able to see the glorious expression of your child when he or she will open the present.


It is a possibility that sometime we didn’t get the right thing for our kid, so you should always buy from a store where they have good return policy. If toy is not functioning properly than we should always have a gateway to return it back to the retailer. There are many well-known retailers available in the market who have great return policies so you should always buy your toys from them. Return policies is the main reason that you may not want buy from third part sellers. As they rarely have return policies or they are so limited you cannot get the product returned to them in time to get your money back.


Last tip is that don’t ever forget to get some extra batteries on your hand before Christmas day! It is very frustrating for a kid that they have toy but they can’t play with it because of batteries. If you don’t have some on your hand at Christmas day it means you have spoiled Christmas day of your kid. As we all know the only store open on Christmas day is the gas station and they may not have the batteries you need.


So, to be prepared always checks that the toy has batteries with it or that you have some extra batteries on hand. If the toy is rechargeable than make sure that it is charged for Christmas day and your kid can get started playing with the new toy without any waiting.


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