Know it or Blow It is the game, in which your team will test its knowledge about fun facts like the three primary colors, 5 senses and eight Santa’s rain deer. For every single round captain of the team picks the order in which teammates will respond. If you know an answer, great. If you are not absolutely and positively sure you can stop rather than risk your team’s points. But if you will give wrong answer and blow it, your team loses its points for the round. At any time you can stop if you are not sure and bank the points you have earned on a category, or you can guess, possibly resulting in “blowing it”. Get ready to show your knowledge but it takes more than one to know it all.

Your kid and you will have so much fun every time you play this game. It is a cool game for a mixed group of adults because everyone can contribute on some level with each question.This game includes 288 Question Cards, Game Tray, 2 Pawns and Rules. This game is suitable for the ages 10 and up.

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