This game is designed for kids who are aged 3 and plus, the new characters of Nano V2 robotic bug-like creatures can defeat gravitational force by climbing upward. And these movements are taken by these characters very smoothly and the small insect-like character can also move upward through corners and horizontally through loops and tubes that make up their world and in this black hole play you can customize your own designs and settings. Now move inside the robotic insect world of the Nano V2 Hexbugs and see for yourself the secret behind the Hot 20 Award of The ToyInsider.

Key Features of The Hexbug Nano v2 Black Hole Large Play Set

* Three-level expansive set is customizable

* Gravity defying Hexbug robots mimic the movements and actions of real-life bugs

* Spiral tube accessory included for the Nano V2 bugs

* Special black hole and crow’s nest features

* 2 hex cell bases, fixed pegs, rotating flags and tubes allow you to control the flow of traffic


What Makes the HexBug Nano v2 Black Hole Large Play Set a Good Buy?

This game set is made up of 58 pieces and these pieces comprises of durable plastic and metal, which is good for fresh minds of any age. Children’s who are near about the age of 3 should be provided the guidelines when playing with this game, and definitely adults will also like the movements of small robotic bugs, which crawls to different directions throughout this tube-driven environments. The set consists of two different Nano V2 bugs which are built by included AG13 (LR44) button cell batteries.

Parents should definitely help their children to customize their set, which includes one crow’s nest one spiral tube and one Black Hole funnel. Your Hexbug Nano v2 robotic insects are controllable to go by creating different tube designs and free fall mode can be setup to plummet the 2 included nano bugs into the awaiting funnel. It will crawl out of one of three exits, and start to find their environment.

If your child has some other Nano v2 habitat set, you will find this game compatible. It has 9 curved tubes, 20 connectors, 2 straight tubes and 2 HEX cell bases with removable walls & gates, multiple environments can be created from it. One great game for fresh and intelligent minds to help them learn more about robotics and science, Hexbug Nano v2 Black Hole Large Play Set is an award winning tutor also very interactive.

This robotic bug play set also receives The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) s approval as complying with children’s product safety rules, and makes a great present for inquisitive young minds. These all features made this game an award winning game which cannot be denied.


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