Go Oink Card Game is a sound card game which is suitable for the ages of 4 and up and it can be played by 2 to 6 players. This game adds a hilarious twist to the traditional game of go fish. You will look funny when you make the sound of the animal pictured on your card to ask other players if they have your matches, but a little sillier and louder. If you enjoy acting like an animal, you will go wild over this card game.Great for camping or vacation because it will give a lot of fun for the kids and grownups. This is a super cute game and fun to play for your growing children.

Your kid will have lot of fun when playing this sound card game, if your kid is an animal lover than this game is the best choice for your kid to give lots of entertainment. Just pass out five cards to each player and then take turns asking for cards. When you are all done just store all the cards in the plastic pig! Very fun change from go fish and gets kids thinking about animal sounds. Best game for the kids who love animals a lot.

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