Version of this drawing game contains its centerpiece an illuminated drawing board which reflects the most popular mobile app with the similar name. It is created by Hasbro; it is a big-screened and very light weight tablet which has built in card holder for your word card and it also one button screen erasing system with a handy timer which is very good kids as well as adults. Now have a closer look to its key features.

Key Features of the Draw Something Party Board Game

–          It is a tablet version of the famous game “ Draw Something”

–          Based on the Pc Mobile App

–          Responsive touch screen is inclusive of stylus or your fingers for drawing

–          Guess correctly and draw clues to earn coins

–          Includes Draw Something drawing tablet, stylus, 100 card deck, card box and game guide

What Makes the Draw Something Party Board Game a Good Buy?

Based on the mobile drawing game from Zynga, It is a portable home game version which is made by Hasbro. This game has wide screen which make its player addictive. You will choose one card which will tell you that what you should draw which can be seen by the players in front of you, your opponents and team mates would like to be the first one to guess the word which you are drawing.

It is very good that screen of this game is inclusive of stylus and finger touch, as some of them would like to draw by their hands. One greater feature of this game is the timer which gives flash when you are out of time.  And only by one single press of the menu button will erase the screen now you pass unit to another player and game is resumed again.

This game is specially designed for kids who are in the age of 8 and plus but adults will love this game also. This game has one installed battery, but these are the trial batteries which are available with most of the games which will not give long run. It is suggested to get some extra AAA batteries if you do not want to discontinue your game.

As in the PC app version, more words will give you more rewards and correct guesses with more coins and when you will reach till 100 provided word cards, simply make your own. It is much better than paper word guessing game only because it do not has any cleanup and you are not supposed to get involved in the hassle of get a pen and a paper handy.

For those who have played mobile app version of this game, the Hasbro Draw Something Party Game
icon would be really enjoyable. It is very good for kids and adults, this tablet game is really very interesting to play whether your drawing skills are good or not. This game will give you lot of fun when you are into it.

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