This game is recommended for the kids who are aged 4 years and up. Dazzling princess board game from Wonder Forge is a card game in which your kid is supposed to guess which princess the picture is associated with then use the red heart gem to reveal the answer and how many jewels you earn for that card. You then put your jewels onto your tiara, bracelet or ring. First person who succeeded to collect all three items will win the game. It is sort of trivial pursuit game for kids. All in all yourchild will find this game fun to play. Let’s look in to the feature of this fun game.



  • Promotes counting and matching
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Designed for 2 to 4 players, ages 4 and up
  • Contents include, 4 Tiaras, 4 Rings, 1 Decoder Heart, 40 Jewels, 200 Cards, and 1 Game Rules Manual
  • Complete the markers with personalized labels Awards: Oppenheim Gold, Play on Words Award, and The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Award


This is a really cute game for your young lady, who really loves the Disney princess. This game enhances the counting and matching ability of your child. Parents are recommended to help their child to learn to play this game after a game or two your child old kid need little help playing the game, as it is a really fun loving game which builds up interest of playing this game by itself.

It is fairly easy for your kid to play and will have fun as well. Some girls simply enjoy wearing the Tiara, bracelet and ring being a princess. So if your daughter loves being a princess she will definitely enjoy this game a lot. More than anything this game is about make believe;the Tiaras, Bracelets and Rings are made of plastic and were studier than they looked at first glance.

The Dazzling Princess Board Game is loads of fun for Disney Princess lovers. It would be exciting to pull out during a small party or sleepover. The large read heart jewel to reveal the princess answer on the back of the card is kind of fun and prevents kids from accidentally showing the answer to each other when cards get placed back in the box all mixed up.

This magical dress up game is sure to delight your little princess and her preschool friends, offering hours of jewelry and decorating fun. Wonder forge has created award winning game for your kid that encourages positive attitude and teamwork ability in your kid. If you have a baby girl in your home who love princess than this game is definitely for you. It will make them feel like a princess.


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